Graduation Day Fall 2018

I’ve done it! I have my Masters in Library and Information Sciences from the University of South Carolina! The big question now is “so what do I do with it?”

Me at hooding ceremony

I am receiving the hood from above. I had to hunker down though so as not to lose my hat.

Should this have been a question I was asking of myself before walking the small stage to be hooded? Probably. And I have thought about it. But when one of my professors asked me “so where are you going from here?”, I replied “well, first to the Mediterranean Tea Room”. What a predictable joke. Really, it was nothing more than an automatic panic response – oh yeah! I am supposed to be a professional now.

In fact, after the hooding ceremony reception, we went to the Mediterranean Tea Room only to find it was packed with people. We ended up at Lizard’s Thicket, which was my first choice anyway. A safe, cozy, samey place that is the same at any location with the same menu and daily specials. And it hit me now, as I was typing the first paragraph, that my lunch options after my big day might be indicative of my future.

The good – I knew it would be a less busy place with ample parking and food that I like, including collards which they had as the greens of the day. Also, the chocolate cake is lovely.

The bad – I wasn’t willing to wait for something healthier for me or work to get over obstacles…like parallel parking (it just sucks to do, ok? yes, I know I should practice it). Also, I saw a challenge and left it behind for the easier path.

Am I overthinking this situation? Probably, but it’s how I think. It’s why movies rarely surprise me. I see the set ups and start listing out all the payoffs in my head. Internally, I try to use this strategy with my life.

Why am I not writing then? Using those skills to communicate those small, complex, yet simplistic oddities in life? Because it’s like parallel parking: an obstacle I could conquer if I just practiced. But why when I can coast to Lizard’s Thicket?

So at the end of the day, I am still unsure where I will land, what path I’ll walk, what fruit I’ll pluck from the trees of knowledge along the way, and what options for lunch I will choose. But for now…it doesn’t matter. A weekend of friends and family, board games, cheese & meat trays, pepper jelly and cream cheese smeared on crackers, cupcakes and cheesecake, Sunday fresh laundry, and even a mid-Sunday nap.

Monday will come though, but I’ll be well dressed, well fed, and ready to start the journey.